Voting for Enhancements

When you want a feature or functionality added to NetSuite, visit SuiteIdeas to submit a new enhancement request or vote for an existing idea.

From the Support tab, use the SuiteIdeas portlet to visit SuiteIdeas and search through all existing NetSuite enhancement requests. You can vote for the ideas of your choice, or enter your own new ideas for making NetSuite better.

To search and vote for enhancements:

  1. Go to the Support tab, and click Go to SuiteIdeas in the SuiteIdeas portlet.


    If you do not see the Go to SuiteIdeas button in the SuiteIdeas portlet, ask your account administrator if you can be given access. See Accessing the NetSuite Account Center.

    The SuiteIdeas site opens in a new tab or window, depending on your browser preferences.

  2. Click one of the following links within the SuiteIdeas site:

    • Search to see if your idea has been requested by others.

    • Browse for ideas by categories.

    • View new ideas, the most recently updated ideas, and ideas that have received the most votes.

    • View the ideas you have voted for.

      Clicking an idea opens it in a new window.

  3. If you find the idea you are looking for, click Vote for this Idea.

  4. Rate the idea, and click Submit Vote.

If you do not find the idea you are searching for, you can enter your own.

To enter a new idea:

  1. Click File a New Idea on the SuiteIdeas home page.

  2. Enter a description of your idea, and click Search Idea.

  3. Review the list of search results to see if your idea has already been entered.

  4. If your idea is not in the list or results, click File a New SuiteIdea at the bottom of the page.

  5. Enter a title for your idea.

  6. Select the product area and feature your idea is related to.

  7. Enter a detailed description of your idea.

  8. Click Submit Idea.

Each SuiteIdea is reviewed, and after it is approved, it is listed and can be viewed and voted on by other NetSuite users.


When you are finished with SuiteIdeas, return to your original NetSuite tab or window. The Support tab changes to the NetSuite Account Center when you go to SuiteIdeas. To exit the NetSuite Account Center and return to your previous NetSuite center, click Return to Previous Role in the upper right corner.

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