SuiteAnswers Overview

SuiteAnswers is the NetSuite self-service support site where you can view announcements, support articles, videos, help topics, and best practice documents for NetSuite. From SuiteAnswers, you can also submit a question or issue via email or contact NetSuite Customer Service by phone.

SuiteAnswers home page

You can access SuiteAnswers in the following ways:

You must be logged in to NetSuite to access SuiteAnswers.


You cannot access the SuiteAnswers portlet if you are logged in with an Employee Center, Customer Center, Vendor Center, or Partner Center role. If you are using any of these roles, you must switch to another role to be able to access SuiteAnswers.

SuiteAnswers link on the SuiteAnswers portlet.

If you do not see the SuiteAnswers portlet on your Support tab, click Personalize Dashboard in the upper right. In the Add Content portlet, click SuiteAnswers to add the SuiteAnswers portlet to your Support tab.

The following table lists the differences between SuiteAnswers and the NetSuite Help Center:



Help Center

Help Topics

yes *





NetSuite Knowledge Base



Help Table of Contents



User Guides



OpenAir Knowledge Base



QuickArrow Knowledge Base



* Help topics in SuiteAnswers are updated soon after they are updated in the Help Center.

In the Training Videos, you can browse videos and webinars. To access the Training Videos, click the link at the top of the page.

SuiteAnswers Training Videos page

From SuiteAnswers, you can submit a question or issue via email or contact NetSuite Customer Service by phone.

Critical Announcements

Critical announcements dealing with performance issues or planned maintenances are displayed at the top of the page in SuiteAnswers. Critical announcements are displayed on every page until user closes them by clicking X on the top right of the announcement. The announcement reappears only after the user logs out and logs back in to SuiteAnswers.

Each type of a critical announcement is shown in a different color:

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