Overview of Release Preview

You should use Release Preview to verify that your existing business workflows function as expected before your production account is upgraded to the new NetSuite release.

The goal is to provide a smooth and seamless transition to a new release. By following the guidelines that are presented here, you can avoid any major problems or surprises when your production account is upgraded to the new NetSuite release.

If you request a Release Preview account in 2024.1, you can access it several weeks before your production account is scheduled for an upgrade to the new release of NetSuite. Notifications with details about Release Preview availability are sent to administrators and Release Preview availability information is posted on the New Release portlet.


The New Release portlet is located on your home page dashboard in your production account. If you do not see the portlet, see Add the New Release Portlet to Your Dashboard.

Requesting a Release Preview Account

If you would like to receive a 2024.1 Release Preview account, a user with the Administrator role should opt in to Release Preview.


You can request a Release Preview account using either your production or sandbox account. If you would like to use a specific sandbox to test the new release, request your Release Preview from that sandbox account.

To opt in to Release Preview:

  1. From your production or sandbox account, go to Setup > Company > Release Preview.

  2. Click Request Release Preview.


    After a request has been made, you can monitor the progress of your request in the Account Status and Account Notifications fields. Users with the Administrator role receive an email notification when your Release Preview account is ready to use.

Release Preview Notifications

Release Preview email notifications are sent to users with the Administrator role.

In addition to the Release Preview reminder and the Upgrade reminder email messages, in–account notifications are also sent to administrators and others. You can ask your administrator to set you up to receive in-account Service Release Notifications. For more information, see Configuring Administrative Notifications.


You are responsible for keeping the names of your administrators up-to-date. To make changes to these positions, please contact your account manager about updating the contact records. Be aware that if these contacts have “opted out”, they will not receive these important notifications. To opt back in, see Subscription Management.

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