Release Preview Guide

To help you get the most out of your Release Preview account, review the following topics:


Performance in your Release Preview account is not always the same as your production account. You can expect that the first few times you complete a process or task, such as entering a sales order, performance will be a bit slow. You should experience faster performance as you repeat the process or task through several iterations of testing. Release Preview is intended for testing the functionality of new features, not as a performance measurement tool for the new version. The tests performed in Release Preview are not transferred to your production account.

Test Plan Template Available for Download

Download the Release Preview Test Plan Template to create a test plan for each of your business workflows. This Microsoft Excel worksheet includes a testing matrix, workflow worksheets, and examples. After you have downloaded the file, modify it to suit your testing needs.

Click the following link to download the template: ReleasePreviewTestPlan_Template.xls.

General Notices