Test SuiteAnalytics Connect


During the testing of your business workflows, you might have thoroughly tested SuiteAnalytics Connect. If you think there are areas that might have been overlooked in the workflow testing effort, review the information in this section. Add tests as needed to your plan.

Testing Your Connection

To test your connection in Release Preview, you must change the Connect Service host name. After you change the host name, perform your SuiteAnalytics Connect tests.

The host name you should use for your connection is displayed in the Service Host field on the SuiteAnalytics Connect Driver Download page, under Your Configuration.


Ensure that you are logged in to a Release Preview account. The host name of Release Preview accounts contains “rp” as part of the name.

You can connect to SuiteAnalytics Connect using ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET drivers. For more information about how to change the Connect Service host name depending on the driver that you are using, see the following topics:


Be sure to switch the Service Host entry back to the original entry when it is time to connect to your production account.

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