Test Your SuiteScript Deployments


During the testing of your business workflows, you may have thoroughly tested your SuiteScripts. If you think there are areas that may have been overlooked in the workflow testing effort, review the information in this section. Add tests to your plan as needed.

For information about accessing your Release Preview account through RESTlets, and to access the SuiteScript debugger, see URLs for Account-Specific Domains.

Read the SuiteScript section of the release notes for details on API changes.

To test your SuiteScript deployments:

  1. Go to Customization > Scripting > Script Deployments.

    List all your script deployments in an Excel spreadsheet to use as a checklist to ensure that you test each one.

  2. Test all of your operational SuiteScripts for compatibility and ensure they are working as expected.

    If you find any issues with your Server SuiteScripts you can place the script deployment in testing mode and use the debugger to investigate the problem.


    Make sure you review the description of the script and script deployment, or review the code itself to see what the script is designed to do so that you can properly test it.

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