Test Your Web Store


This information applies to both Site Builder and SuiteCommerce Advanced. During the testing of your business workflows, you may have thoroughly tested your web store. If you think there are areas that may have been overlooked in the workflow testing effort, review the information in this section. Add tests to your plan as needed.

For information about accessing your Release Preview account for shopping, see URLs for Account-Specific Domains.

Domains are not copied from your production account to your Release Preview account. Because Release Preview uses the same infrastructure as a production account, you must create a new unique domain to use in Release Preview. An error message is generated if there are duplicate domains. For example, if you use https://checkout.example.com in your production account, you could use https://test.checkout.releasepreview.example.com in Release Preview.


These procedures should be performed by someone with DNS experience.

Testing Your Web Store

To test your web store in Release Preview, you must create a new unique domain to use in Release Preview. After you have set up a new domain, you can start testing.

To set up a unique domain in your Release Preview, complete the following tasks:

  1. Set up your web store by following the instructions in Set Up Domains for Web Stores.

  2. Test your web store in your Release Preview account using the following steps:

    1. Open a browser window and visit the web store on your newly created custom domain.

    2. Test your web store.

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