Navigating the StickyNotes Board

The StickyNotes Board is a convenient location from where you can view notes (both active and archived) across record pages. The board displays notes that you have created and received. Public notes will not be displayed if you are not tagged as a recipient.


The board can display the most recent 100 active and 100 archived notes.

Go to Lists > Productivity > StickyNotes Board. Alternatively, you can also access the Board from the StickyNotes toolbar in record pages.

Navigating the StickyNotes Board

The following table lists the UI elements of the StickyNotes Board and their corresponding descriptions:

UI Element



Display Filters

Define display filters to show only notes that match the specified criteria.

  • Search – Type a keyword in this field to search for it within messages, recipient, and owner.

  • Priority – Select the note priority that you want to display on the board. The number of notes per priority is indicated in the parenthesis.

  • Creation Date – Enter a start and end date to display notes within the specific period. If no end date is provided, StickyNotes will display notes starting from the specified start date up until the present date.

  • Record Type – Select a record type to display notes created or accessible on specific record pages. The number of notes per record type is indicated in the parenthesis.

    Historical notes also appear on record types where they are accessible. For example, notes from estimate records are carried over to opportunity records. When you filter notes by record type, the historical notes will be displayed when you select opportunity, estimate, or both.


View Options

Select whether to view your notes in a list or grid.


Save as CSV

Click here to generate a CSV file of all the notes, including its replies, that match the filter criteria. You can still access note attachments from the CSV file using a link to the file location.


Sort Options

You can sort notes based on multiple criteria. To change the sorting priority, drag a sorting field to the left. The left-most option takes precedence over the others. You can click on the sorting fields to change the sorting order (ascending to descending, and vice versa).

For example, you set the sorting to: Priority, Owner, Record Type, and Date Created. The notes will be arranged by Priority, and then by Owner, and so on. If you click the Priority option, the order of the notes will be arranged from high priority to low priority, or vice versa.


Archive View

Click here to view archived notes.


Notes Pane

Notes are displayed in this section of the page. Depending on the view option you selected, the notes may be displayed in a list or grid.


Record Page Link

Click this link to go to the record page where the note is attached.

For historical notes, the record page link redirects you to the record where the note was originally created.


Note Icons

Icons displayed at the bottom of the original note indicates whether the note is public or private, or if it has replies or attachments. For more information, see StickyNotes Icons.

General Notices