JavaScript Configuration Files

This topic applies to the Mont Blanc and Denali releases of SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) only.

Configuration files for these implementations are stored as JavaScript files for each application module. Each of the configuration JavaScript files are contained within an application module. Each file is compiled and deployed as part of the application. To edit a configuration file, you must create a custom version of its application module.


For information about configurable properties, see Configuration Properties Reference.

There are several files used to configure frontend behavior and a single file backend configuration file to modify server-side behavior.

Frontend Configuration

The SC.Configuration.js file contains general configuration properties used by SCA. Each of the application-specific configuration files contain this file as a dependency. Also, any JavaScript file within a module that needs to access configuration properties directly includes this file as a dependency.

SCA uses the following configuration files to configure the behavior of the frontend application. These all return an object called Configuration that is accessed by other modules.

For a detailed example on how to customize frontend configuration files in a pre-Vinson implementation, see Extend Frontend Configuration Files.

Backend Configuration

The Configuration.js file within the SspLibraries module defines the backend NetSuite configuration properties for SCA. By modifying this file, you can configure a variety of objects server-side. Besides, modifying these objects can often improve performance of your website by restricting search results. There is a single Configuration.js file used for all applications, although some objects are applicable for only certain applications (Checkout).

For a detailed example on how to customize the backend configuration file in a pre-Vinson implementation, see Extend the Backend Configuration File.

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