Importing Employee Commission Data

You can import precalculated commission data as a CSV file.

First, export your commission data from your current program. Then, modify the information to match the NetSuite import requirements. Finally, import the CSV file into NetSuite.

To import commission data as a CSV file, go to Transactions > Commissions > Authorize Employee Commissions. Click Import and then click the here link to download a CSV template. After you import commission amounts, NetSuite adjusts the commission basis and calculated commission amounts on corresponding transactions to show $0.

You should present commission data presented in the following columns of the CSV template:





Sales Rep

Enter the employee's name here. You must check the Sales Rep box on the employee record to import commission data for the employee.


Transaction Type

Choose one of the following transaction types to import: Invoice, Cash Sale, Cash Refund, Credit Memo.


Transaction Number

Enter the transaction number to which the commission amount applies.



Enter the amount of the commission. For a negative amount, enter - before the commission amount.

General Notices