Identifying a Vendor as a Project Resource

You can identify a vendor as a project resource on their vendor record. Then, they can be assigned as resources on projects and tasks you create. For example, this can be useful if you subcontract work to vendors.

When a vendor is marked as a project resource, the vendor can be selected in the following places:

To set a vendor as a resource:

  1. Go to Lists > Relationships > Vendors.

  2. Click Edit next to the vendor you want to mark as a resource.

  3. Click the Financial subtab.

  4. Under Project Information, check the Project Resource box.


    After a resource has been assigned to a project, if you clear the Project Resource box, the resource is still available to be assigned if you use the Display All Resources for Project Task Assignment preference when creating your project in NetSuite

  5. In the Work Calendar field, select a work calendar. For more information on work calendars, read Project Resource Work Calendars.

  6. In the Labor Cost field, enter the hourly overhead labor cost rate for this vendor. This ensures the correct rate is charged per hour when this resource works on assigned project tasks. Pricing project labor in this way simplifies pricing to reduce errors and helps to ensure that proper margins are met.

  7. In the Hourly Rate field, enter the hourly price which is paid by the customer. This rate calculates project costs and profitability.

  8. Click Save.


A vendor must be assigned an employee role and given access to enter time against projects. For more information, read Giving Vendors Access to Time Tracking.

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