Creating Shipping Items with USPS Integration

Using shipping items that are integrated with the U.S. Postal Service® (USPS), enables you to enter sales orders that select the integrated shipping item in the Ship Via field. When you fulfill an order, your Endicia account is charged the rate for the USPS shipping method.

The real-time rate quoted at the time of sale is only an estimate. The charge may vary based on factors such as package size, service additions on the shipment, and account-specific discounts.

To learn more, see USPS Real-Time Rates.

To create a shipping item with USPS integration:

  1. Go to Lists > Accounting > Shipping Items > New.

  2. Check the Shipping Label Integration box.

    If this is an integrated shipping item, your Endicia® account is charged for the selected shipping method. Shipping Rate represent the amount your customer will be charged.

    To charge the customer the same amount you are charged, in the USPS Real-Time Rate field, select the same method as you selected in the Shipping Label Integration field.

  3. Check the Display in Web Site box to make this shipping item available in your Web site.

  4. Click the Shipping Rate subtab.

  5. Select the rate you want to charge your customer:

    • USPS Real-Time Rate – Select which real-time option you want to use for this shipping item. Set this option for USPS integrated shipping items.

      USPS fills in the shipping charge when the customer completes the order. This rate is an estimate, and may change slightly when the order is fulfilled

      For information about offering a discount rate, see Applying Discounts to USPS Shipping Rates.

    • Flat Rate – Enter the amount to charge for each order you ship

    • By Weight:

      • Enter the amount to charge and the unit of measure

      • Enter the increment. For example, 1, 1.5, 2, and so on

      • Select the unit of measure: lb, oz, kg, or g

      • To not allow partial increments, check the In Whole Increments box

    • By Item – Enter the default amount to charge for shipping on a per-item basis

    • Percent of Total – Enter a percent in the % field

    • To charge shipping based on a range, select Shipping Table

      • To charge shipping based on ranges of order totals, select Order Total

      • To charge shipping based on ranges of package weight, select Weight and then select a unit of measurement

        To learn more, see Creating Shipping Items.

  6. Click Save.

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