USPS Real-Time Rates

Rregistering your U.S. Postal Service® (USPS) account with NetSuite, enables you to offer USPS shipping options with real-time rates for world-wide shipping. When a customer ships a purchase by USPS, the current rate for the customer's location fills in the Shipping field in your website and the Shipping Cost field on transaction pages.


The rate is a close estimate of the final shipping cost but may vary slightly depending on the package size.

Your administrator can add a USPS account to NetSuite. To learn more, see United States Postal Service (USPS) Services through Endicia®.

After adding a USPS account, you can create shipping items to charge customers USPS real-time rates. To learn more, see Creating Shipping Items with USPS Integration.

To offer USPS real-time rates, select one of the following real-time shipping item rate options:

To learn more, see USPS

Your preferences in the following fields override the real-time rates:

NetSuite calculates USPS rates based on the following:

To ship an order with a USPS real-time rate option:

  1. Select the USPS real-time rate Shipping Method.

  2. There is a pause while NetSuite receives the real-time rate from USPS, then displays the price.

  3. Complete order.

  4. Authorize and then fulfill the sales order.

    Before saving the item fulfillment, click Recalculate Shipping to update the real-time rate.

  5. After the package is dropped off or picked up by USPS, you can retrieve a tracking number to track the status of the shipment. You can share this tracking number with your customer.

  6. You can manually enter the tracking number on a sales order page one time, and the number then appears everywhere the order appears, including in the confirmation email to the customer and in the Customer Center.

  7. The tracking number appears as a link in the confirmation email to the customer.

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