The Classic Center

The Classic Center is the set of pages seen by the Administrator and Payroll Setup roles.

The Lists Page

If you log in with the Administrator role or if you use the classic interface, all lists can be found on the Lists page.

A list is a group of records of a specific type. List records include customers, vendors, items, employees, partners, and more.

NetSuite requires you to enter records before you fill out transactions. After you enter a record, it is included in lists. For example, if you want to pay a bill for a new vendor, you must first create a new vendor record. Then, when you go to the Enter Bills page, you can choose the vendor from the list.

The Search link at the upper right of most list pages brings you to a search page for the list record type, where you can enter filter criteria to search for a specific record, or set of records.

To view a list:

  1. Click Lists Overview.

  2. On the Lists page, click the link for the type of list you want to see.

Here are some procedures you can use with most lists:

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