Making Journal Entries

Use journal entries to adjust the balances in your general ledger accounts without entering a posting transaction. For more information, see Journal Entries, Journal Entries Overview, and Journal Entry Preferences.

Journal entry transactions are not posted until they are approved. A journal entry is posted in a period to which the journal entry approver has access. Until a journal entry is approved, NetSuite tentatively displays the posting period based on the transaction date. If the transaction period is locked or closed when the journal entry is approved, the posting period is determined by the accounting preference Default Posting Period When Transaction Date in Closed Period. You can, however, select a different open period as the posting period when you approve the journal entry.

To manually create journal entries, see Manual Journal Entry Creation.

Copy an existing journal entry to automatically complete header and line-level data on a new journal entry. To copy a journal entry, go to Transactions > Financial > Make Journal Entries > List. Click the View link next to the journal entry that you want to copy. On the journal record, click Make Copy.

You can create memorized transactions for journal entries that recur or to create and use memorized journal entry templates. For more information, see Memorized Transactions.

You can also import journal entry data from a CSV file. See Importing a Journal Entry.


The limit for journal entries submitted through the user interface or synchronous SOAP web services is 1,000 lines. For transactions submitted through SuiteScript, CSV import, or through asynchronous SOAP web services, the limit is 10,000 lines per transaction. NetSuite may take more time to approve, edit, or save journal entries with high numbers of lines.

For information about making journal entries for statistical accounts, see Making Statistical Journal Entries.

Users with the Custom Transaction Forms permission can click Customize on the Journal page to create a custom journal entry form with fields different from the standard journal entry form. See Creating Custom Entry and Transaction Forms.

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