Memorized Transactions


To work with memorized transactions, you need a View level of the Memorized Transactions permission.

A memorized transaction is a transaction you set up to recur in NetSuite, such as recurring journal entries. Memorized transactions eliminate data entry and serve as useful reminders. A memorized transaction consists of two parts:

When you memorize a transaction, you set up the transaction to recur over time. You choose whether the transaction automatically posts or if you are reminded to post it. Set the frequency the transaction should occur and set posting options. You can specify that the transaction should recur forever or a set number of times.

When you edit or delete a memorized transaction, the change is tracked on the system notes of the memorized transaction.

The following are limitations for posting memorized transactions in locked and closed periods:

In NetSuite, you can memorize the following transactions:

The Reminders portlet includes a standard reminder for Memorized Transactions due. For more information, see Setting Up Reminders.

After you have memorized a transaction, you can view and manage transactions created by the memorized transaction by going to Transactions > Management > Enter Memorized Transactions. Click Edit next to the transaction. The Transactions subtab shows associated transactions.

The time when the system runs memorized transactions varies by location, but is usually shortly after midnight each day. The system checks for memorized transactions every four hours, and processes them according to the start date. If the start date is the current day, the system processes the transaction immediately, and then at the usual time each day afterward. If the start date is in the future, the system processes the transaction at the usual time on that future date, and each day afterward. If the start date is in the past, the system processes a transaction for each past day every four hours until caught up to the current day, then processes a transaction at the usual time each day afterward.

By default, when NetSuite creates a memorized transaction automatically, it lists the last user who edited the memorized transaction definition as the user who created the transaction. This user is visible in the memorized transaction definition. To list the user as –System- for automatic memorized transactions, set the Create Automatic Memorized Transactions as –System- preference at Setup > Company > Preferences > General Preferences (Administrator). Changes to this preference take effect when you create a new memorized transaction definition or you edit and save an existing one. For more information, see Setting General Account Preferences.


When set, this preference does not support server-side scripting. If you want to use server-side scripting and SuiteFlow on transactions, disable the preference.

For specific instructions, see the following topics in this section:

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