Tips for Working with Transactions

Refer to the following sessions for tips when working with transactions:


Use Options

Print, Fax, Email, and Copy


Memorize a transaction to recall and use it again later. To memorize a transaction, go to the transaction type you want to memorize. Fill in the appropriate information on the form. From the Actions list, select Memorize. The Memorized Transaction page opens showing the information you entered. For more information, see Memorized Transactions.


For more information, see Entering Transaction Line Items.


View the General Ledger

To view the general ledger results of posting transactions, from the Actions list, select GL Impact. The details of the general ledger impact of lines on the originating transaction are displayed.

Use Shortcuts & Keyboard shortcuts

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When processing transactions in bulk, you must submit one page at a time. If you do not process each page individually, information is not retained and can be lost when you click a different page.

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