Buttons and Menus in NetSuite

Each button in NetSuite serves a specific purpose and has the ability to fulfill individual business needs. By using the appropriate button, you can successfully complete the task at hand. The following table describes the function of standard buttons that can be found on most NetSuite pages and shows where the button is located. The table does not include buttons that are specific to a particular feature or record type.

Button Description


Sublist Row Buttons

Sublist row buttons such as Add, Insert, and Delete appear on the left side of the sublist. The buttons that are available and the button names change depending on where you are in NetSuite.

Sublist row buttons. Sublist row buttons.

Back Button

The Back button appears when a record is in View mode. Clicking the Back button takes you back to the page where you first initiated a particular action.

Back button.

Cancel Button

The Cancel button appears below the record title when a record is in either new or edit mode. Clicking the Cancel button aborts whatever action you were performing.

Cancel button.

Create New Button

The Create New button is an icon with a dropdown menu. You can create new records or perform new tasks. The options on the Create New button vary on a per-record basis, as the options are specific to each record type.

To create records unrelated to the current record, use the Create New menu in the NetSuite header. For more information see, Create New Menu.

Create New button.

Action Menu

The Action menu offers a dropdown menu. The dropdown menu may include various options, such as Download and Delete. These options depend on the record you are editing.

Actions menu.

Edit Button

The Edit button opens the current record or transaction in a format that you can make changes to. When you are finished, submit changes by clicking Save.

Edit button.

Mark All/Unmark All Buttons

Mark All places checks in the check boxes next to all items listed on the page where the button appears. Unmark All clears the checks.

Mark All and Unmark All buttons.

New Button

On records in edit mode, the New button is a plus sign icon that appears to the right of a field when the pointer moves over it. The button opens a window in which you can create a new record.

Most lists also have a New button. For example, the New button at the top of the Employees list is called New Employee.

New icon. New button.

Open Button

On records in edit mode, the open button is a square icon with a diagonal arrow that appears to the right of a field when the pointer moves over it. The button opens the selected record in a new tab for viewing.

Open button.

Print Button

If multiple printing options are available, the print icon includes all options in the dropdown menu. If the record allows only a single print action (to print the page, for example), the print icon does not include the dropdown arrow.

Print button.

Save Button

The Save button sends the transaction or record you are working on to NetSuite for posting or changing. The Save button often includes a dropdown menu for variations of save as shown in the example. NetSuite remembers the option selected and makes it the default.

Save As Button

The Save As button creates a duplicate of the visible record. A unique name is required. For example, a customer may have multiple locations, Art Gallery I and Art Gallery II. The home office in Gallery I is the main office for both locations. You can create a record for Gallery II by editing the Gallery I record, changing the name to Art Gallery II and clicking Save As.

Save and New Button

The Save and New button sends the transaction or record to NetSuite for posting, and then a blank page of the same kind opens.

Save and Next Button

The Save and Next button sends the transaction or record to NetSuite for posting, and then the next existing record of the same type opens for editing.

Save and Edit Button

The Save and Edit button saves your edits and remains in edit mode where you can continue editing.

Menu showing all the Save buttons. Save, Save As, and Save & Edit buttons.

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