Using the Header and Menus

The header area of NetSuite pages is locked. The remainder of each page scrolls, but the header remains accessible at the top. The elements of the header are identified in the following screenshot.

Header and tabs in NetSuite.


Oracle NetSuite logo – When you double-click the Oracle NetSuite logo, a popup window opens with details that your administrator can use to help identify the source if you have issues with performance in NetSuite. For more information, see Helping Users with Performance Issues.


Global search field – Enter a keyword to search for any type of record. For more information, see Using Global Search.


Create New menu – Use this dropdown menu to create new records of various types. For more information, see Using the Create New Menu.


Help – Click Help to open the NetSuite Help Center. The help center usually opens to a topic related to the page you are working with. For more information, see Getting Help.


Feedback – Click Feedback to rate your experience with NetSuite. Choose your satisfaction level, enter any comments (optional), and click Submit.


User name and role – Move your pointer over this area to open a dropdown list and change your role or log out of NetSuite. For more information, see Switching Between Roles and Accounts.


Navigation menu bar – This bar contains tabs that become navigation menus when you hover over them. For more information, see Using the Navigation Menu.

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