Using QuickViews

You can gain quick access to the most relevant details of a record through record QuickViews. Depending on the record type, the QuickView can also allow you to make changes to a record without actually having to navigate to it.


If you do not have permission to view a record or record type, you cannot view it in QuickView.

Viewing Record Details

Wherever a record is listed in a list, sublist, or on the main body of another record, you can hover your pointer over the link to get a QuickView of the record's key data. In the following figure, for example, hovering the pointer over an customer name in a sales order record opens a QuickView of the customer.

QuickView example for a record.

Taking Action on Records

The QuickView for some record types contains buttons that allow you to make changes to the record. In the following figure, for example, a QuickView of an event record in the Events list includes the Accept, Decline, and View buttons. To view the event record, click View.

QuickView example on record.

Customizing QuickViews

The fields that appear for a record QuickView are predetermined. You can add, remove, or rearrange the fields in a QuickView by customizing the entry form. See Configuring QuickViews for the steps to configure QuickViews for custom forms and custom records.


Some item types in NetSuite contain images. To change the image that appears in an item's QuickView, edit the image on the item record rather than on the form customization page where you configure QuickViews.

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