Keyboard Shortcuts

The following are useful keyboard shortcuts you can use in NetSuite.


Some keyboard hot keys and shortcuts function depends on the browser you use. For more information, see Supported Browsers for NetSuite.

Searching Data in Your Account

You can press Alt+G to move the cursor directly to the Global Search field.

To initiate only the current page search, press Alt+Shift+G. If you want to see results from both the global search and the current page search, press Esc. For more information, see Global Search Overview.

Entering Data and Completing Forms

Use these shortcuts to complete and edit data on forms and records:

Date Fields

In date fields, use the following keyboard shortcuts to change dates:


These keyboard shortcuts are supported only in full date fields that include the month, day, and year.

Multi-Choice buttons

On transactions and records that have buttons with popup lists, you can select the non-default button option. Use the Tab key to go to the list button. Then, use the down arrow key to expand the dropdown list. Click Enter to select the desired action. To collapse the list, use the up arrow key to return to the top.

Navigating Subtabs

When using tabbed pages, you can quickly switch between subtabs by using keyboard shortcuts. Each subtab has a single letter underlined in the title. Press and hold Alt and then press the corresponding letter to switch to that subtab. The cursor appears in the first field on the subtab.

Viewing Reports

When viewing reports, you can do the following:

Filtering Search Results

When working with search results filters, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

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