Entering Communication Information on a Transaction

Use the Communication subtab to create and send messages to your customers. You can also create tasks, events, and phone calls and associate them with a transaction.

After you save the transaction, this information is combined on an Activities subtab. This enables you to track meetings and conference calls you schedule in the process of finalizing a sale.

Not all transaction records have a Communication subtab.

Attaching Messages to a Record or Transaction

You can add messages as HTML, PDF, letter, or fax attachments. You can also embed the transaction within the body of the message.

To attach messages as PDF, letter, or fax, you must have the Mail Merge feature enabled. For more information, see Working with Mail Merge.

The Communication subtab tracks all related email and faxes sent and received. For information on sending messages, see Sending Email from NetSuite.

Attaching Files to a Record or Transaction

You can attach documents in the File Cabinet to records and transactions using the Communication subtab. For more information, see Attaching Files to Records.

Attaching Events, Tasks, and Calls to a Record or Transaction

You can create and track activities directly from the transaction. For more information, see Attaching Events, Tasks, and Calls to Records and Transactions.

Adding User Notes to a Record or Transaction

To add any notes related to the record or transaction you are working with, on the Communication subtab, click the User Notes subtab. Then click New Note. The list permission Notes Tab controls access to the User Notes subtab. You need at least Create level access to see the New Note button and add a note.

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