Limits for Display of Transaction Lists and Sublists

When working with transactions in NetSuite, the number of records, transactions, or rows of data that can be accessed at one time is limited to 10,000. This limit applies to all transaction types unless otherwise stated. For example, the maximum number of lines that can appear on a transaction record’s sublist is 10,000.


Transactions with more than 1,000 lines may negatively affect Netsuite’s performance or cause timeouts.

For example, if you know that you have more than 10,000 invoices, use the Customize button on the sublist to filter the invoices that are listed. For example, when working with the Credit Memo record, you can click the Customize button on the Apply sublist to narrow the list of invoices.

For more information about transaction line limits, see Line Limitations for Transactions.


The limits for submission of transactions are different than the limits for display of transactions. The limit for transactions submitted through the user interface is 500 lines per transaction. For transactions submitted through CSV import or SOAP web services, the limit is 5,000 lines per transaction.

For journal entries, these limits are 1,000 lines for the user interface and synchronous SOAP web services, and 10,000 lines for CSV import and asynchronous SOAP web services.

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