Editing Memorized Transactions

You can make name, type, and schedule changes to a memorized transaction. You can also specify posting options and update addresses to ensure that your information is accurate. However, if the field that you want to edit on the memorized transaction is dimmed or not included on the page, you must create a new original transaction and then memorize that transaction.

Some details that appear on the Memorized Transactions page at Transactions > Management > Enter Memorized Transactions > List do not appear when you edit the transaction. For example, the transaction amount appears on the Memorized Transactions page, but not when you edit the transaction. You can edit such fields on the original transaction. For more information, see Working with Transactions.

When you edit a memorized transaction, the change is tracked on the system notes of the memorized transaction.

To edit specific details of a memorized transaction:

  1. Go to Transactions > Management > Enter Memorized Transactions > List.

  2. Click Edit next to the transaction you want to change. For a description of the fields, see Memorizing a Transaction.


    You must have the Override Period Restrictions permission to enable the Allow Posting in Locked Period option. After this option is enabled, memorized transactions can post in locked periods even if users initiating these transactions do not have the Override Period Restrictions permission. Transactions can never be posted in closed periods. If the posting date for a memorized transaction is in a period that has been closed, it is posted to the next open period. For more information, see Accounting Period Management.

  3. Make the appropriate changes and then click Save.

Your memorized transaction is now updated with the current information.

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