Customizing the Memorized Transactions List

When you view the Memorized Transactions list, you can customize the list view to show columns with additional information. For example, you can display whether transactions are set to be emailed.

To customize the memorized transactions list:

  1. Go to Transactions > Management > Enter Memorized Transactions > List.

  2. Click Customize View.

  3. If the Results subtab is not displayed, click the Results subtab.

  4. Select additional fields or change existing ones using the lists in Fields column.

    To display whether transactions are set to be emailed, for example, select Transaction Fields... and then in the Transaction Field list in the popup window, select To Be Emailed.

  5. When you have finished with a row, click Add or OK.

  6. When you finished your changes, click Save.

The Memorized Transactions list is a list view similar to other in NetSuite. For more information about how you can customize lists, see Customizing List Views.

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