Submitting Memorized Transactions

After you have set up memorized transactions you can submit all transactions due to be posted at one time.

To create memorized transactions, see Memorizing a Transaction.

To submit memorized transactions:

  1. Go to Transactions > Management > Enter Memorized Transactions.

  2. On the Enter Memorized Transactions page, use the following filters to show transactions in the list:

    • Date

      Enter or select the date you want these transactions to post.

      The current date defaults in this field.

    • Use Next Date

      Check this box to use the date of the next scheduled occurrence of the transaction as the posting date. For transactions without a next date, the current date is used.

      When this box is unchecked, the current date shows in the date field and is the posting date.

      NetSuite remembers your preference for this box and checks or clears it the next time you use this form.

    • Has Remaining

      • Select Yes to show only transactions with remaining scheduled occurrences.

      • Select No to show transactions with no remaining occurrences.

      • Select All to show all memorized transactions.

    • Next Date

      • Select a date range to filter the list to show only transactions whose Next Date falls within this range.

      • Select all to show all memorized transactions.

    • Action

      • Select All to show all memorized transactions.

      • Select None to show no memorized transactions.

      • Select Automatic to show memorized transactions that automatically post and do not send a reminder.

      • Select Reminder to show memorized transactions that send a reminder for you to post them.

      • Select Template Only to show memorized transaction templates which do not create transactions.

    • View

      If you have customized list views, select a custom view in this field.

  3. To edit an individual transaction, click its Edit link.

  4. To process several memorized transactions at one time, check the box in the Enter column next to each transaction you want to process.

    You can also choose to click the Enter link next to a transaction to enter it individually.

  5. To change all memorized transactions from Automatic to Remind Me, or from Remind Me to Automatic at the same time, click Switch Action.

  6. Click Submit.

    A list of the new transactions shows on the Processed Transactions page.


There must be at least ten transactions for NetSuite to split the transactions into multiple workqueues.

To view a list of all memorized transactions, go to Transactions > Management > Enter Memorized Transactions > List.


When the Allow Posting in Locked Period option is enabled for a memorized transaction, transactions can post in locked periods even if users initiating these transactions do not have the Override Period Restrictions permission. Transactions can never be posted in closed periods. If the posting date for a memorized transaction is in a period that has been closed, it is posted to the next open period. For more information, see Accounting Period Management.

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