Viewing Journal Entries


For transactions from advanced intercompany journal entries, the permissions set for your user role determines what you are able to view and edit. You may not have access to all the subsidiaries on a record. You can only view data for the subsidiaries to which you have access. In addition, you cannot edit or copy the record.

To view a list of journal entries:

  1. Go to Transactions > Financial > Make Journal Entries > List.

  2. You can do the following:

    • Click View next to a journal entry to view the individual record.

      The journal entry record displays header field values and journal lines. It also displays history information that includes any activities, user notes, system notes, or files associated with the journal entry.

      For more information about journal history, see Reviewing Transaction History, Viewing Transaction System Notes, and Line-Level Audit Trail for Transactions.

    • Click an account name to view the account register.

    • If available, click an Edit link next to a journal entry to edit that record.

      The Edit link is not available for journals that have been approved for posting or have been posted.

    • Select from lists to filter the displayed data.

    • Click New Transaction to create a new journal entry.


      Copy an existing journal entry to complete the header and line-level data on a new journal entry. To copy a journal, go to Transactions > Financial > Make Journal Entries > List. Click the View link next to the journal you want to copy. On the journal record, hover over Actions and click Make Copy.

      You also may be able to create memorized transactions for journal entries that are required to recur. See Memorized Transactions.

    • Click the print icon to print the list of journals.

    • Click Customize View to base the filters and displayed results for the journals list on a saved search. See Customizing List Views.

    • Click the Export - CSV, Export - Microsoft Excel, or Export - PDF icons to export the list of journals to a file.

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