Revenue Commitment

For help working with this record in the UI, see Using Revenue Commitments.

The internal ID for this record is revenuecommitment.

See the SuiteScript Records Browser for all internal IDs associated with this record.


For information about using the SuiteScript Records Browser, see Working with the SuiteScript Records Browser in the NetSuite Help Center.

For information about scripting with this record in SuiteScript, see the following help topics:

Supported Script Types

The revenue commitment record is scriptable in client and server SuiteScript.

Supported Functions

The revenue commitment record is partially scriptable. It can be updated, copied, deleted, and searched using SuiteScript. It cannot be created.

Usage Notes

You cannot create this record using the standard record.create(options) function. To create a Revenue Commitment record, you must execute a Sales Order to Revenue Commitment transformation. In the NetSuite Help Center, see record.transform(options) for examples on how to transform records.

The Multi-Partner Management feature must be enabled in your account for the Partners sublist to appear.

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