Reviewing the Preview Bundle Install Page

After you finish Choosing a Bundle to Install and click the Install button for a bundle, the Preview Bundle Install page displays.

Reviewing the Preview Bundle Install Page section of the SuiteApp Installation and Update page

On this page, you can review a list of bundle objects to be installed. For customization bundles, you also can do the following:


When you have completed your review of the Preview Bundle Install page, you can click the Install Bundle button. See Starting the Bundle Installation Process.

Choose Actions for Conflicting Objects

The Preview Bundle Install Page indicates any customization bundle objects that conflict with existing custom objects in the target account. A conflict occurs when a bundle object has either the same script ID, or in some cases, the same name and type, as an existing custom object in the target account. For more information, see Resolving Conflicting Objects.

NetSuite displays conflicting objects, in red, in the Existing Object in Conflict and Script ID columns. For each conflicting object, choose one of the following from the dropdown list in the Action column:

Set Bundle Installation Preferences

The following preferences may be available on the Preview Bundle Install page:

Review Locked Bundle Objects

When a bundle contains locked objects, the Preview Bundle Install page displays a lock icon in the Lock on Install column.

A few important points to notice about the Lock on Install column on the Preview Bundle Install page:

Pages for locked objects do not have buttons that allow changes to the object, such as Edit, Delete, Change ID. Also all list and view pages for these objects display a lock icon. For more information, see Effects of Locking Different Object Types.

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