Choosing a Bundle to Install

For an overview of the bundle installation process, see Installing a Bundle. Before you choose a bundle to install, it is recommended that you review Bundle Installation Notes.

To choose a bundle to install:

  1. Log in to the account where you want to install the bundle.

    Bundles can be installed in production accounts and sandbox accounts.

  2. Go to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles (Administrator).

  3. Search for a bundle to install.

    See Bundle Searches Overview.

  4. Optionally, click the Name of a bundle to display its Bundle Details page.

    • Click Documentation to review documentation for the bundle.

    • The Overview subtab displays the bundle abstract, and description. It also displays a link to any bundle-specific terms of service. See Bundle Terms of Service.

    • The Components subtab lists bundle objects, including their custom script IDs, referencing objects, and lock status.

    • The SuiteApp Info subtab displays details about the bundle from, if the bundle has been developed by a NetSuite partner and is available on that site.

    • For more information, see Bundle Details.

  5. When you have decided that you want to install a bundle, click the Install button.

    • The Install button is only available for bundles that have been made publicly available to all NetSuite accounts, and for bundles that have been shared explicitly with your account. If this button is not available, contact the solution provider to inquire about access to the bundle.

    • If the bundle is a managed bundle, you must agree to allow the bundle author to upgrade the bundle in your account when new updates are available. Managed bundles are indicated in the Managed column of the Installed Bundles page. For more information, see Using Managed Bundles.

    • If the bundle has been deprecated, a notification message displays, indicating the replacement bundle that you should install instead. A deprecated bundle is a bundle that has been replaced by a later bundle version.

    • If this bundle is already installed in the account, or this bundle is a copy of a bundle that is already installed, an error message displays.

  6. After you have clicked the Install button, the Bundle Details page displays. Click the Install button on this page.

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