Reviewing the Installed Bundles List

After you have installed a bundle, it is listed on the Installed Bundles page, available at Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles > List .

This page includes the following information for each bundle created in the current account:

You can use the dropdown menu in the Action column to link to pages for other bundle tasks, including:

You can click the bundle name to go to the Bundle Details page:


You can differentiate objects added to your account through bundle installation from other account objects, because they have a bundle ID listed in the From Bundle column of list pages. See Identifying Bundle Objects in Target Accounts.

You can also use SuiteScript to get information about installed bundles and SuiteApps. For more information, see the help topic N/suiteAppInfo Module.

Finding SuiteApp Help Content in the NetSuite Help Center

Bundle authors may make user help content available in the NetSuite Help Center. This content is available from a page titled Third Party SuiteApps. You can access this documentation by going directly to this page, or through a Help Center search. The Third Party SuiteApps page includes a table of third party SuiteApps. Each SuiteApp listed in the table has a link to a child help page titled with the name of the SuiteApp. This help page links to the PDF file or files containing the SuiteApp documentation, and to the website of the author.

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