Installed Bundle Updates

If a bundle author makes changes to a bundle that has been installed in a target account, an account administrator or another user with SuiteApp Marketplace permission can update the installed bundle.

Updating a bundle creates in the target account all of the custom elements added by the developer since bundle installation. An update also includes revised versions of any objects edited by the bundle author. If you have made changes to objects installed by the bundle, a bundle update generally overwrites these changes so objects match the source. For more details, see Bundle Update Reference.

Complete the following steps to update a bundle:

Target account users cannot update a bundle that the developer has defined as a managed bundle. Updates to managed bundles are performed from the source account by the bundle author. See Using Managed Bundles.


When you remove any object from a bundle and then update the bundle in the target account, the object is not removed from the target account if the object is also included in any other bundle installed in the account.


Support for bundle updates varies across the different types of NetSuite accounts. See Bundle Support Across Account Types.

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