Customizing Sublist Views

You can customize most of the views used for a list that appears on record's subtabs. Available customizations include changes to displayed results columns and filter dropdown lists.


If an existing saved search is available as a sublist view, you can select that search to customize your subtab view instead of creating a new one. These searches are available from a View list. See Selecting an Existing Saved Search as a Custom View.


When you switch between custom views on a sublist, the filters on the sublist do not update automatically. For more information, see SuiteAnswers article Switching Between Custom Views on a Sublist Does Not Automatically Update Filters.

To create a custom view for a sublist:

  1. On the sublist you want to customize, click Customize View.

    Results subtab
  2. In the Search Title field, you can enter a different name for your custom view.

    Default search title is the word Custom followed by the record type and the selected view, for example, Custom Item Transaction Sublist View.

  3. On the Criteria subtab, add the desired Filter.

  4. On the Results subtab:

    • Select a different field to use for sorting if desired.

    • Add, remove, and move fields as desired.

    • Enter custom labels for fields as desired. The default label is the field name.

  5. On the Available Filters subtab:

    • Add, remove, and move fields to be displayed as filter lists on the list page.

    • Enter custom labels for filter lists as desired. The default label is the field name.

    • Leave the Show in Filter Region setting as Yes for all fields. If you change this setting to No, the filter list is not displayed.

  6. When you have finished making changes, click Save. This customized view is now used for the selected record type's sublist.

    You also can do the following:

    • Click More Options to display a full saved search definition page where you can edit other options. (Note that if you make changes to other options on this page, these settings are preserved when you return to the customization page even though they are no longer visible.)

    • Click Cancel to return to the record that includes the sublist, with no changes.

    • Click Restore Defaults to return to the sublist that uses your previously defined preferred search settings, if any, or system-defined defaults. (Note that this button only appears after you have customized the sublist view.)

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