Limitations on Exports to PDF

Exported PDFs have some output limitations. If your export includes more than 10,000 rows, exporting them to PDF may cause an error. Also, if your export includes a large number of columns or extremely long field values, you may encounter formatting issues.

To avoid performance problems, exports with more than 30 columns are not supported. Exports with more than 10 columns are truncated to a limited number of rows, as shown in the following table:

Number of Columns in PDF Export

PDF Export Truncated to

1-9 columns

3000 rows

10-20 columns

2000 rows

21-30 columns

1000 rows

more than 30 columns

not supported

All PDFs you export are verified against the BFO document type definition (DTD). BFO is a a set of third-party libraries used for generating PDF documents. The BFO documentation is available at

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