Exporting Account Registers

Exporting a register provides you with additional flexibility in reviewing and analyzing your business's data. You can export many registers into a comma-separated value (CSV), Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe PDF file to take advantage of the formatting and chart-making abilities those programs offer.

If you choose to export your report to Microsoft Excel, only Microsoft Excel 2002 and later are supported by NetSuite.

To export a register:

  1. Go to an account register in one of the following ways:

    • Go to Lists > Accounting > Accounts, or Setup > Accounting > Chart of Accounts, and click the account name.

    • From a list of all transactions of a particular type, like sales orders, purchase orders, or checks, click the account.

    • On a transaction record, from the Actions list, select Go to Register.

  2. In the footer of the register, click the Export-CSV, Export-Microsoft Word, Export-Microsoft Excel, or Export-PDF icons.

After you have exported a register to an external application, you can open it in that application and customize it as needed.

Be aware of the following export limitations. For more information, see Working with Records, Transactions, and Lists.

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