Inline Editing of Global Search Results

You can edit records directly on the global search results page. This function is supported when: all results share the same record type, that record type supports inline editing, and the Inline Editing feature is enabled for your account. And Edit button at the top of the list means that inline editing is supported for the results.

To Enable inline editing, click the Edit slider as shown in the following screenshot. The slider shows green when inline editing is enabled and grey when disabled.

Global search interface inline edit slider.

With inline editing enabling, you can edit a field. To edit a field, select a field with a pencil in the column header and edit as needed. Your changes are saved when you move the cursor from the field.

Selecting a field for inline edit.

To add a new record of the selected type, click the Add button above the list toolbar. A quick add popup appears to add a record for the current record type.

Quick Add button

To add a related record to a global search result, click the icon in a record’s New column.

Add related record to global search result.

To delete a record, click the icon in a record’s New column, then select Delete Record from the menu.

For more information, see Using Inline Editing.

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