Including Custom Fields in Global Search

Global searches generally include only record name and ID fields. Global searches return records that have name or ID field values that match the entered keywords. Custom fields also may be indexed for global search. Records with indexed custom field values that match keywords are returned for global searches.

To index a custom field to be included in global search, a user with permission to edit or create custom fields must check the Global Search box on the custom field record. By default, the Available for Global Search box is not checked for preexisting or new custom fields.

Global search indexing is available for the following data types, when the Store Value preference is enabled:

Global search results that include multiple record types include a Custom Fields column that lists the custom field name and value for each matching record.

By default, global search results that include a single record type do not include columns for custom fields, so you may not see matching custom field values on the results page.

For more information about custom fields, see Creating a Custom Field.


You cannot index a custom field for global search if None is selected for any Level for Search/Reporting option on the Access subtab of the custom field record.

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