Scheduling a Mass Update

If you have the Schedule Mass Updates permission, you can set up a mass update to run on a recurring basis, according to a schedule that you specify. A scheduled mass update run during off-peak hours.

Be aware that only one mass update can run at a time in your account. When a scheduled mass update is running, NetSuite recommends that you do not start another mass update.


If you have Create, Edit, or Full level of the Schedule Mass Updates permission, a Schedule subtab displays on each mass update page, where you can define a new scheduled mass update. If you have Edit or Full level, you can edit an existing scheduled mass update and save it with the same name. If you have Create level, and you edit an existing scheduled mass update, you cannot save it with the same name; you need to save as a different name.

To set up a schedule for a mass update:

  1. On a mass update page, click the Schedule subtab.

  2. Enable the Run Update According to Schedule option.

  3. Select the interval at which you would like to run the mass update, or click Single Event to run the mass update one time only.

  4. As you select each interval, additional options are displayed for you to select. For example, if you select Weekly Event, you then can select individual days of the week on which to run the update.

  5. Select a series start date. This is the first day on which the mass update is run.

  6. Select an end date in the End By field or check the No End Date box to continue running the mass update indefinitely.

  7. Define other characteristics of the mass update and save it. (See Defining a Mass Update .)

You must save a mass update for its schedule to take effect. After you have saved a scheduled mass update, it is listed at Lists > Mass Update > Saved Mass Updates, with its recurrence displayed in the Schedule column.

After you save a scheduled mass update, you can review information about the times it was run, in history columns on the mass update page's Schedule subtab. These columns include the date, user, and count of records updated for each time the mass update was run.

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