Administrator Access to Other Users' Saved Searches

Account administrators have greater access than other users to saved searches. In addition to their own private searches, administrators can view, edit, make inactive and delete ALL saved searches, including:

This capability is available from the Saved Searches list page, at Lists > Search > Saved Searches, and Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches. This page includes a Show All Private Searches option that the administrator can set to Yes to include all private and shared saved searches in the list.

Show All Private Searches field

Each listed saved search includes Edit. When this link is clicked, all editing functions are available for the saved search, including the ability to change its owner. This ability is useful in cases where the owner has left a company but the search is still in use.

The Show All Private Searches option is set to All by default, which means that private searches are not included. After it is set to Yes, it is sticky, meaning it remains enabled until you explicitly set it to All or No. Note that even when an administrator enables this option, setting it to Yes, Global Search does not return private searches and shared searches that do not include the administrator in the audience.

OneWorld accounts include the following limitation on this capability: If an administrator of a subsidiary enables scheduled email for a saved search, the administrators of other subsidiaries cannot see this search on their saved search list.


In each saved search record, you can view an execution log listing the users who have run or exported the saved search in the past 60 days, and the dates and times of each execution. See Audit Trail for Saved Searches, Reports and Schedules.

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