Using the Saved Searches List

You can view a list of saved searches to which you have access using a navigation like the following: Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches or Lists > Search > Saved Searches.

Reviewing and Filtering the Saved Searches List

The following options enable you to review and filter the list by search characteristics. Filtering can be particularly helpful if you have access to a large number of searches. Note that these options are sticky, meaning your selections persist the next time you view the list.

Taking Action from the Saved Searches List

You can take the following actions from the saved searches list:

The saved searches list also includes columns indicating the user who last ran or exported each saved search, and the date and time of this execution. If you are an administrator or have at least Create level of the Publish Search permission, you can view more details about recent executions on each saved search record. See Audit Trail for Saved Searches, Reports and Schedules.

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