Choices for Ad Hoc Reports

When you create an ad hoc report, you have several choices to make before the report is run, including the Metric, Report Title, Field, Format, Subtotal Grouping, and (for matrix format reports) Matrix Column.

Choosing a Metric

After you click New Report, you first see a list of metrics, or functional areas. You need to choose a metric for which you want to return data.

The metrics available to you are determined by the role you use to log in to NetSuite and the features enabled in your account. They may include the following:



Available Time-Off

Employees available time-off

Campaign ROI

Amount of sales and return generated by a campaign

Case Escalation

Cases that have been escalated


Closed Issues

Issues that have been closed

Closed Support Case

Cases that have been closed


Cost of goods that have been sold

Customer Count

Number of customers

Estimated Profitability by Project

Estimated project profitability and time


Estimate transactions


The forecasted revenue based on closed and potential sales

Gross Lead Count

Gross number of leads

Hosted Page Hits

Number of times hosted pages were viewed



Item Demand Plan

Item Demand Transactions


Search terms a visitor used on a search engine to find your site

Lead Count

Number of leads

New Visitor Activity

First visit, last visit, total visits, orders, and revenue for a new visitor

Open Estimates Lines

Open Estimates

Estimates that have not been closed

Open Invoices

Invoices that have not been paid

Open Issues

Issues that have not been closed

Open Payables

Bills that have not been paid

Open Sales Orders

Sales orders that have not been filled

Open Support Cases

Cases that have not been closed


Opportunity transactions

Page Hits

Number of times Web pages were visited


The amount of sales in unclosed sales transactions (opportunities and quotes)

Planned Standard Costs

Project Backlog Time

Backlog time of Project related tasks

Prospect Count

Number of prospects


Purchase transactions

Quantity Fulfilled

Number of items fulfilled on sales orders

Quantity On Hand

Number of items on hand

Quantity On Order

Number of items on open purchase orders

Quantity Sold

Number of items sold

Quantity To Order

Number of items needed to be ordered
[Reorder Point - (Quantity on Hand - (Quantity Committed + Quantity On Order))]


Quota for Sales Reps

Quota by Class, Department, and Location

Quota for Sales Reps categorized by class, department, or location


Source that directed visitor to your site

Reported Forecast

Saved, calculated, and self-reported forecasts

Return Authorization Transactions


Amount of closed sales transactions (Included transactions are based on the Sales Transactions to Exclude preference)

Sales Activity

Messages, events, tasks, calls, campaigns, and notes for customers

Sales Order Transactions

Sales order transactions

Sales Team Bookings

Bookings for members of sales teams

Sales Team Sales

Sales for members of sales teams

Shopping Activity

Cart additions and orders for items

Support Cases

Open and closed cases

Tax Liability

Sales tax liability payment transactions

Time Tracked

Employee time entries

Time-Off Balance Adjustments

Adjustments made to employees time-off balances


All Posting Transactions

Unbilled Cost Transactions

Billable costs that have not been billed to a customer

Unbilled Time Transactions

Billable time that has not been billed to a customer

Unpaid Receivables

Invoices that have not been paid

Visitor Activity

Visits to your site

Web Revenue

Web revenue

Web Sales Item

Web Sales Order

Sales order transactions on your website

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