Expense Reporting

The Expense Reports feature enables users to enter expense reports and convert them into bills. An expense report records employees' expenditures to track information about the expense, such as the following:

The expense total remains in an unapproved expense account and has no accounting impact until the expense is approved by someone with accounting authority. After an expense report is approved, a bill is created and the expense amount is reflected on your books. The posting period for an expense report is determined after accounting approval occurs. If the posting period for the expense report date is closed, the expense report is posted to the first open period.

For information about expense reporting, see the following:


If you use the Multiple Currencies feature, be aware that expense line item amounts are always in the base currency of the employee. If the Use Multi Currency box is checked on an expense report, line item amounts can be entered in foreign currency. These foreign amounts are translated into base currency amounts. Exchange rates and converted amounts displayed on expense lines are provided as approximations only. Actual reimbursement amounts will be based on rates at the time of reimbursement.

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