Class: TileLayerConfig



new TileLayerConfig(config)

This class defines the zoom level scheme, overall map extent and
spatial reference information for a tile layer.
By default, the map Universe is automatically derived from the tile layer
definition if there is one. If there is no tile layer or the application
needs to overwrite that defined by the tile layer, the application must
first create such a universe so that the component itself knows the boundary
of the map as well as the zoom level details. Several well known tile layer definitions,
such as the Oracle Maps, lat-lon world map, and Bing
universe, are provided as predefined universes that the application can use.

Name Type Description
config Object

An object that specifies tile layer configuration.
It can have the following attributes:

  • zoomLevels {Array}. Required. An array of zoom level definition objects.
    The zoom level definition object has the following 3 attributes:

    • resolution {double} : Map resolution (map units per pixel).

    • stretchRatio {double}: Optional. This attribute is used only when the map's
      vertical resolution and horizontal resolution are different. The map's
      horizontal resolution is always specified by the resolution attribute.
      The vertical resolution is calculated by multiplying resolution by
      stretchRatio. The default value of this attribute is 1. Hence by default,
      the map's vertical resolution and horizontal resolution are the same.

    • infotip {String}: Optional. The infotip string, for that zoom level, that will be displayed
      when the mouse moves over the corresponding tick on the navigation panel zoom slider.

  • srid {int} Required. The spatial reference ID. Use Oracle Spatial SRIDs (e.g. 8307 or 4326)

  • bounds {OM.geometry.Rectangle}. Required. Specifies the bounds of the map tile space.
    It is used to calculate tile mesh code, which is different from the visible bound
    defined with Layer.

  • tileImageWidth {int}. Optional. Default value is 256 pixels.

  • tileImageHeight{int}. Optional. Default value is the same as tileImageHeight.

  • tileImageFormat {String}. Optional. Default value is PNG.

  • customTags {Object}. Optional. An object containing user or application specific custom tags.

  • isXYZStorageScheme {boolean}. Optional. Default value is false.

  • isInZXYOrder {boolean}. Optional. Default value is false. Only applicable when isXYZStorageScheme is true.

  • enableUTFGrid {boolean}. Optional. Should be set to true when specified. The utfgridResolution parameter and value must also be supplied.

  • utfgridResolution {int}. Optional. Required if enableUTFGrid is true.


an instance of OM.layer.TileLayerConfig