Class: USForm2Address

OM.lbs. USForm2Address

new USForm2Address(options)

USForm2Address, US address format.

Name Type Description
options Object

This is an object literal that specifies the Address options. It can have the following properties.

  • id {String} Optional. The id field is used to uniquely
    distinguish an address in a batch geocoding request. It is optional
    when geocoding a single address.
  • country {String}. specify the 2-letter country ISO code;the
    default value for “country” is always “US”
  • name {String} Place name.
  • street {String} Street address (house number, street name, etc.).
  • intersectingStreet {String} Intersecting street names.
  • city {String} City name.
  • state {String} State name.
  • zipCode {String} Zip code.

for example an option object:
street:"500 Oracle Parkway",
city:"Redwood City",