Class: GenFormAddress

OM.lbs. GenFormAddress

new GenFormAddress(options)

GenFormAddress, General (international) address format.

Name Type Description
options Object

This is an object literal that specifies the Address options. It can have the following properties.

  • id {String} Optional. The id field is used to uniquely
    distinguish an address in a batch geocoding request. It is optional
    when geocoding a single address.
  • country {String}. specify the 2-letter country ISO code; the
    default value for “country” is always “US”
  • name {String} Place name.
  • street {String} Street address.
  • intersectingStreet {String} Intersecting street names.
  • subArea {String} Name of a sub-area within a city; big European cities may be divided into multiple smaller districts.
  • city {String} City name.
  • region {String} Region(state/province) name.
  • postalCode {String} Postal code.
  • postalAddonCode {String} Postal add-on code.

for example an option object:
street:"1 Oracle Drive",