3.2 Documentation Accessibility

The Oracle PCA documentation is available in the following formats:

  • HTML format is provided and is accessible.

  • PDF format is provided but is not accessible.

  • Printed versions of specific installation instructions are shipped with the product. Accessible equivalents in HTML format are provided in the online documentation library.

Documentation HTML Access Keys

To use the documentation without using a mouse, you can use HTML access keys. Enter the HTML access key for your browser, plus the access key letter. For example, using Mozilla Firefox, press Alt+Shift+n to go to the next page. See your web browser documentation to find the key combination to use for HTML access keys. The following table lists the tasks you can perform using access keys.


Access Key

Go to the next page


Go to the previous page


Go to the document home page


Go up a level in the document


Activate the Contents tab


Activate the Search tab


In addition to the HTML access keys, the following keyboard shortcuts are available:


Shortcut Key

Toggle hide and show the sidebar

Ctrl + Left Arrow

Toggle hide and show page header

Ctrl + Up Arrow

Documentation Accessibility Issues

The following are the known accessibility issues with Oracle Private Cloud Appliance documentation:

  • HTML page heading levels might not start at h1 (Bug: 26717728)

  • Book title can extend off the screen with 200% zoom (Bug: 26717874)

  • docs.oracle.com Help drawer HTML heading tags have structure violation (Bug: 26560104)