2.10 Changes and Improvements in Release 2.0.2

Oracle PCA Release 2.0.2 is an errata release. This section describes functional changes, improvements and bug fixes compared to the previous release.

Support for Next-Generation Server Hardware

Oracle PCA Release 2.0.2 software adds provisioning and orchestration support for Oracle Server X5-2 expansion compute nodes. These offer practically the same functionality and performance as their predecessors, but with more up-to-date internal components.


Release 2.0.2 adds support for Oracle Server X5-2 expansion compute nodes only. The use of this generation of servers as management nodes is not supported with this software release.

Oracle Server X5-2 expansion nodes can be installed in base racks of a previous release, provided the software stack is updated to Release 2.0.2 or a future release. Oracle Server X5-2, Sun Server X4-2 and Sun Server X3-2 compute nodes can be used within the same rack in the same Oracle VM server pool. The only functional implication is that virtual machines cannot be live-migrated between the different server types because they belong to separate CPU compatibility groups. In that situation, a virtual machine would need to be shut down on one server and restarted on the other server.

Updated Component Firmware

Oracle PCA Release 2.0.2 software contains the latest supported firmware for all the hardware components in the appliance. These are identical to what is currently installed on new systems leaving the factory, allowing you to take advantage of bugfixes and functional improvements to the hardware you already own.


If you own a base rack containing the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance 7320, please read this first: Section 5.1.7, “Sun ZFS Storage Appliance 7320 Firmware Upgrade Must Be Performed After Management Node Update to Release 2.0.2”

Bugs Fixed in Release 2.0.2

The following table lists bugs that have been fixed in Oracle PCA Release 2.0.2.

Table 2.8 List of Fixed Bugs

Bug ID



Compute Node Proxy Settings Are Lost During Server Upgrade in Oracle VM Manager

When running a Yum upgrade on compute nodes from within Oracle VM Manager, custom proxy settings – added during kickstart for example – would be overwritten with default values. The Oracle PCA upgrade code now detects and preserves existing http(s) and ftp proxy settings.


Creation of Large Number of Networks Fails with Buffer Overflow

When a large number of new networks was created in Oracle VM Manager, a buffer overflow could occur, causing the list of networks to become truncated during provisioning. This resulted in lookup errors, duplicate networks and other complications. Changes in the way network list commands are processed now ensure that the buffer overflow no longer occurs. The Oracle VM installation time-out has been increased to 50 minutes to allow for the provisioning of a large number of custom networks.


Re-adding Disconnected Compute Node to Server Pool Results in Reboot of Other Nodes

To mitigate the risk of compute nodes crashing and rebooting, often coinciding with server pool cluster errors, Oracle PCA Release 2.0.2 adds a new Oracle Linux UEK R2-400 kernel. It includes patches for the issues observed in Oracle PCA systems, along with various other improvements.


Release 2.0.2 Must Contain Component Firmwares with Bash Bug Fix

The Release 2.0.2 software stack contains updated firmwares for hardware components, which eliminate the Bash-related vulnerabilities. With the Release 2.0.2 ISO, tested and approved firmware updates are available for the following components: ZFS Storage Appliance, InfiniBand switches, ES1-24 Ethernet switches, Sun Server X4-2 ILOMs and Fabric Interconnects.