2.4 Changes and Improvements in Release 2.2.2

Oracle PCA Release 2.2.2 is an errata release. It contains no major functional changes or enhancements. This section describes improvements and bug fixes compared to the previous release.

Bugs Fixed in Release 2.2.2

The following table lists bugs that have been fixed in Oracle PCA Release 2.2.2.

Table 2.5 List of Fixed Bugs

Bug ID



The CLI Command diagnose ilom Cannot Handle Long Messages

The underlying code issue has been corrected. The command has been tested extensively for failure scenarios and now completes as expected.


Component Status Not Displayed in Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle PCA Dashboard

The component identification mechanism has been updated. All components and their status are displayed correctly.


Logs Are Not Preserved When Controller Software Is Upgraded

When an upgrade fails, there is no guarantee that the log files are saved and accessible. However, new checks have been built in to verify whether relevant log files are available before the upgrade begins. If so, these log files are saved to the shared storage on the ZFS storage appliance.


Oracle PCA Log Level Setting Overrides All Other Loggers

The root cause of this issue is that launching the CLI resets all log levels. Because the log level selected in the CLI was automatically applied to all logging mechanisms in the appliance configuration, no individual logger could be set to write more or less detailed log files. The underlying logic has been changed to allow different log levels for separate loggers.


Oracle PCA Diagnostic command (pca-diag) Cannot Copy All Logs

Due to a minor coding flaw, the pca-diag command output contained a number of copy errors. These errors have been resolved and all required log files are collected when the command is run.


The CLI Command diagnose software Reports Incorrect Test Failures

Several built-in acceptance tests were expected to fail, even though the software would perform as expected. The test code has been corrected and such false warnings no longer occur.


No Server Pool Information in CLI for Compute Node

With the addition of tenant group functionality in release 2.2.1, a compute node's tenant group membership has become useful information. It is now returned as part of the output of the CLI command show compute-node.