Chapter 5 Known Limitations and Workarounds

Table of Contents

5.1 Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Hardware
5.1.1 Oracle Server X7-2 External Layout and Connectivity
5.1.2 Change in Expansion Rack Support
5.1.3 Compute Node Boot Sequence Interrupted by LSI Bios Battery Error
5.1.4 Management Node Network Interfaces Are Down After System Restart
5.1.5 Only One Oracle Switch ES1-24 May Be Connected Upstream
5.1.6 Removing I/O Cards from Fabric Interconnect Slots Is Not Supported
5.1.7 Sun ZFS Storage Appliance 7320 Firmware Upgrade Must Be Performed After Management Node Update to Release 2.0.2
5.1.8 ZFS Storage Appliance Firmware Upgrade and Network Configuration Fail with Appliance Software Release 2.1.1 or 2.2.1
5.1.9 Interruption of iSCSI Connectivity Leads to LUNs Remaining in Standby
5.1.10 Catastrophic Failure of ZFS Storage Appliance Controller Causes Management Node Fencing
5.1.11 ILOM Service Processor Clocks Are Out-of-Sync
5.1.12 Compute Node ILOM Firmware Causes Provisioning Failure and OSA Image Corruption with Oracle PCA Release 2.3.x Controller Software
5.1.13 ILOM Firmware Does Not Allow Loopback SSH Access
5.2 Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Software
5.2.1 Do Not Install Additional Software on Appliance Components
5.2.2 Do Not Reconfigure Network During Compute Node Provisioning or Upgrade
5.2.3 Nodes Attempt to Synchronize Time with the Wrong NTP Server
5.2.4 Unknown Symbol Warning during InfiniBand Driver Installation
5.2.5 Node Manager Does Not Show Node Offline Status
5.2.6 Compute Node State Changes Despite Active Provisioning Lock
5.2.7 Compute Nodes Are Available in Oracle VM Server Pool Before Provisioning Completes
5.2.8 Provisioning Fails When Another Compute Node Is In An Unknown State
5.2.9 Reprovisioning or Upgrading a Compute Node Hosting Virtual Machines Leads to Errors
5.2.10 When Compute Node Upgrade to Oracle VM Server 3.4 Fails, Backup and Reprovisioning Are Required
5.2.11 Virtual Machines Remain in Running Status when Host Compute Node Is Reprovisioned
5.2.12 Provisioning Is Slow in Systems with Many VMs and VLANs
5.2.13 Static Routes for Custom Host Networks Are Not Configured on Compute Nodes
5.2.14 Altering Custom Network VLAN Tag Is Not Supported
5.2.15 Host Network Parameter Validation Is Too Permissive
5.2.16 Virtual Appliances Cannot Be Imported Over a Host Network
5.2.17 Compute Node Networking Limitations Differ from Specified Configuration Maximums
5.2.18 Customizations for ZFS Storage Appliance in multipath.conf Are Not Supported
5.2.19 Custom Network Configuration in Release 2.3.1 Not Shown in modprobe.conf
5.2.20 Empty Tenant Groups Keep Virtual IP Address After Upgrade
5.2.21 Bond Port MTU Cannot Be Changed in Oracle VM Manager
5.2.22 Update Functionality Not Available in Dashboard
5.2.23 Interrupting Download of Software Update Leads to Inconsistent Image Version and Leaves Image Mounted and Stored in Temporary Location
5.2.24 Do Not Update Controller Software to Release 2.3.1 from Release 2.0.5 or Earlier
5.2.25 Software Update Is Halted By Terminal Disconnect
5.2.26 Software Update Fails Due to Error in AdminServer.log
5.2.27 Compute Nodes Must Be Upgraded to Oracle VM Server Release 3.4.2 Using the Oracle PCA CLI
5.2.28 Software Update with Mixed Oracle VM Server Versions Does Not Fail Gracefully
5.2.29 Missing Physical Disk on Oracle VM Server 3.2 Compute Node After Management Node Upgrade to Oracle VM Manager 3.4
5.2.30 OSWatcher Must Be Disabled Before Software Update to Release 2.3.1
5.2.31 Unmanaged Storage Arrays Have No Name After Controller Software Update to Release 2.3.1
5.2.32 Software Update Hangs Because Storage Firmware Upgrade Fails
5.2.33 Compute Nodes Lose Oracle VM iSCSI LUNs During Software Update
5.2.34 Customer Created LUNs Are Mapped to the Wrong Initiator Group
5.2.35 Virtual Machine File Systems Become Read-Only after Storage Head Failover
5.2.36 Storage Head Failover Disrupts Running Virtual Machines
5.2.37 Oracle VM Manager Tuning Settings Are Lost During Software Update
5.2.38 Oracle VM Manager Fails to Restart after Restoring a Backup Due to Password Mismatch
5.2.39 Changing Multiple Component Passwords Causes Authentication Failure in Oracle VM Manager
5.2.40 Password Changes Are Not Synchronized Correctly Across All Components
5.2.41 Software Update Fails with Authentication Error During MySQL Upgrade
5.2.42 ILOM Password of Expansion Compute Nodes Is Not Synchronized During Provisioning
5.2.43 SSH Host Key Mismatch After Management Node Failover
5.2.44 Oracle VM Java Processes Consume Large Amounts of Resources
5.2.45 External Storage Cannot Be Discovered Over Data Center Network
5.2.46 LUNs Are Not Reconnected After External Storage Connection Failure or Failback
5.2.47 Third-Party Oracle Storage Connect Plugins Must Be Removed Before Appliance Software Update to Release 2.3.1
5.2.48 I/O Errors Occur During Failover on External ZFS Storage Appliance with Certain Firmwares
5.2.49 Fibre Channel LUNs Presented to Management Nodes Cause Kernel Panic
5.2.50 High Network Load with High MTU May Cause Time-Out and Kernel Panic in Compute Nodes
5.2.51 Oracle PCA Dashboard URL Is Not Redirected
5.2.52 Network View in Oracle PCA Dashboard Contains Misaligned Labels with Screen Reader Enabled
5.2.53 User Interface Does Not Support Internet Explorer 10 and 11
5.2.54 Mozilla Firefox Cannot Establish Secure Connection with User Interface
5.2.55 Authentication Error Prevents Oracle VM Manager Login
5.2.56 Error Getting VM Stats in Oracle VM Agent Logs
5.2.57 Virtual Machine with High Availability Takes Five Minutes to Restart when Failover Occurs
5.2.58 Live Migration of Oracle Solaris Guest Results in Reboot
5.2.59 Compute Node CPU Load at 100 Percent Due to Hardware Management Daemon
5.2.60 CLI Output Misaligned When Listing Tasks With Different UUID Length
5.2.61 Stopping an Update Task Causes its Records to Be Removed
5.2.62 The CLI Command diagnose software Displays Test Failures When Compute Nodes Are Running Different Software Versions
5.2.63 The CLI Command diagnose software Reports Package Acceptance Test Failure
5.2.64 The CLI Command list opus-ports Shows Information About Non-existent Switches
5.2.65 Setting a Proxy with Access Credentials Is Not Accepted by the CLI
5.2.66 Additionally Created WebLogic Users Are Removed During Controller Software Update

This chapter provides information about the known limitations and workarounds for Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA).