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Work with views in the Monitoring Dashboard

The Monitoring Dashboard provides a set of visual tools you can use to directly manipulate objects to display diagnostic information about WebLogic Server instances. You can display diagnostic data about any of the server instances in a WebLogic domain, and about applications running on those servers, in a series of views. A view is a collection of one or more charts that display captured monitoring and diagnostic data. Views are displayed in the main display panel of the Monitoring Dashboard. Only one view is displayed at a time.

There are two general types of views that can be displayed, created, or modified in the Monitoring Dashboard:

The main steps for displaying and working with views in the Monitoring Dashboard are:

  1. Launch the Monitoring Dashboard.

    The Monitoring Dashboard is launched in a separate browser tab or window, depending on the preferences you have set for your browser.

  2. From the Monitoring Dashboard, you can do one or more of the following tasks:
  3. Work with charts in the Monitoring Dashboard. Within each view is one or more charts containing metrics in which detailed diagnostic data can be viewed. See the following topics for information about the tasks you can perform with charts:
  4. Work with the Metric Browser. See the following topics for more details:


Views, and the changes you make to them, are automatically persisted and in effect only for your user account and only in the current domain. They are available to you the next time you launch the Monitoring Dashboard. Note, however, that polled metric values that are displayed in built-in and custom views are not persisted after you close the Monitoring Dashboard window. For more information, see Using the Monitoring Dashboard

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